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Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Group's CSR

Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Group's CSR


Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Group has issued a CSR Report every year since 2008, making this report the 10th edition. In addition to reviewing past CSR activities, in this edition we invited Professor Kiichiro Kobayashi of Keio University who provided, his commentary on social trends surrounding CSR today as well as its future direction, to talk about these and other topics with two Hisamitsu senior executives.

Approach to Global CSR
PT. Hisamitsu Pharma Indonesia

Approach to Global CSR PT. Hisamitsu Pharma Indonesia


PT. Hisamitsu Pharma Indonesia established a factory in Sidoarjo, Indonesia, in 1975, which is marking its 42nd year of operation this year. As in Japan, PT. Hisamitsu Pharma Indonesia offers well-known Salonpas® products to the people of Indonesia, which have become synonymous with pain-relief patches. The operations at the new factory in 2015 has doubled its production capacity, with products supplied to Indonesia as well as exported to other regions in Southeast Asia.

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