Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Advertising and Cultural Activities

To convey accurate information to customers, Hisamitsu advertises using mass media such as TV and radio. To communicate necessary information to the right people, we set targets for each product, and according to the image of each product, we hire entertainers and athletes as characters in commercials.
Also, through supporting activities such as cultural programs and sporting events, we hope to expand our communications with all generations.

Social Contributions by Employees

Hisamitsu Cultural Special

Since 1999, we have been sponsoring Mr. Yukio Ninagawa's stagings of the Hisamitsu Cultural Special on the theme of “sharing cultural traditions with the world” . Mr. Ninagawa's plays, which incorporate unique accomplishments of Japanese culture, attract fans throughout the world. We believe that exposure to Mr. Ninagawa's plays and excellent dramatic culture are meaningful for sharing Japanese cultural traditions with the world.

Hisamitsu Tosu City Public Lectures

At the 21th Tosu City Public Lecture
At the 21th Tosu City
Public Lecture

Since 2006, we have invited speakers with various talents, including writers, rakugo comic storytellers, and political commentators, to present Hisamitsu Tosu City Public Lectures. Noted people with success in various fields address a wide range of topics and deeply consider the future of everyone in Tosu City and Japan in the awareness-raising lectures, making the lectures popular with many people.

Tea Ceremonies

Tea ceremony at the villa and West Park of Kyushu headquarters
Tea ceremony at the villa and
West Park of Kyushu

Each year, a spring and a fall tea ceremonies are held at the villa and West Park of Hisamitsu’s Kyushu headquarters. Each year, more than 500 people participate, contributing to develop tea culture and the promotion of artistic culture.

Providing Information to the General Public

Factory Tours

Factory tours are available at Tosu Factory, which is our hub for production in Japan, as well as at Utsunomiya Factory. While visitors are observing the processes of manufacturing our flagship products, Salonpas® and MOHRUS® Tape, product structures that customers can use with peace of mind and environmental measures are introduced. In addition, an adhesion method workshop is held that introduces the features of a plaster and how to apply one so that it does not easily peel off.

Sponsoring Cultural Activities

Cooperation with the Japanese Red Cross Society

Street fundraising at Hiroshima Branch
Street fundraising at Hiroshima

We support of the purpose of the Japanese Red Cross's charitable donations abroad and have been participating in voluntary street fundraising since 1997. Our employees also donate blood on a continuing basis.

“Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co., Inc. Hot Heart Club”

The second donation list presentation ceremony
The donation list
presentation ceremony

Employees and the company united in 2007 to establish the Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Hot Heart Club as a social action program. This program operates by employees making monthly contributions and the company matching the amounts. The Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Hot Heart Club committee considers applications from employees when choosing the beneficiaries of the funds.

Foundation Activities

Nakatomi Memorial Medicine Museum
Nakatomi Memorial Medicine Museum
Nakatomi Memorial Medicine

The Atkin Pharmacy in late-19th century London
The Atkin Pharmacy in late-19th
century London
The Nakatomi Memorial Medicine Museum opened in 1995 with the purpose of conveying medicine-related industrial culture to future generations while serving as a place of lifelong learning.

On display in the museum are a 120-year-old pharmacy that was moved from England, about 70 kinds of valuable, high-quality herbal medicines, and historical materials related to drugs for household delivery, which is one of the reasons of the construction of the museum. In addition, the museum has historical materials on medicine from not only Japan but also all over the world.

The site has a garden of medicinal plants where more than 20,000 visitors come every year. Many people attend classes on the “medicine of Tashiro” and “Saga's pharmaceutical industry” that are regularly held to both entertain and pass on precious Japanese cultural knowledge of the history of medicine making to future generations.
Nakatomi Memorial Medicine Museum
The Nakatomi Foundation

The 22nd research grant presentation ceremony
The 22nd research grant
presentation ceremony

Celebrating 23 years since its establishment in 1988, the Nakatomi Foundation received approval in late May 2010 from the Cabinet Office to transition to a public interest incorporated foundation based on the new implementation of public interest corporations. As the charter states, we will continue activities such as providing grants for researchers to study health maintenance and promotion in sciences relating to health promotion, focusing on medicine, pharmacy and physical exercise.

The Nakatomi Foundation
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