Message from the CEO



Herein lies the most sought after value of a company as we live in a fast-paced world- the matter of how much we can economically, socially, and culturally contributes a member of the global community.

Since first entering the pharmaceutical industry in 1847, Hisamitsu has been seeking to promote people’s health by providing medicinal products, particularly pain relieving patches and has grown into Japan’s leading company in the field of drugs for external use.

Our mainstay and flagship product, Salonpas®, is well known as a pioneer in the field of the transdermal patch; the name has been trademarked in over 100 countries and is known and loved all over the world.

Hisamitsu also aims to bring new benefits to drugs of other fields by converting pharmaceutical substances into transdermal patches. We continue to promote developing products with an eye towards global business.

Transdermal patches, that can heal the body simply by being applied to the skin, will be an improvement of not only the administration of drugs but also quality of life, and to the world they proudly proclaim the innovation and efficacy of Japanese therapeutic culture. Our mission is to bring emotions led by the benefit of the “Patch Culture” to the world. Taking that as our corporate mission under the banner of “Salonpathy®” , we are proceeding with world-wide business development along with this philosophy always in mind.

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