Corporate Philosophy

Company Mission

Promoting Patch Treatment Culture Worldwide

“To bring the benefits of patch treatment to the world”
“To convey the surprise, relief, and moving of patches”

We have placed our hopes and dreams in the word, “Salonpathy®” , and have been using our world-class transdermal treatment systems to develop pain relieving and anti-inflammation products, introducing them globally, and contributing to personal health all over the world.
To meet the people’s need for a “healthy, safe, and comfortable livelihood” , we will concentrate and specialize in creating new medicinal products and formulations based on transdermal drug delivery systems (TDDS), the core of our competitive strength. We set “improving quality of life of people around the world” as our basic principle and will make the best effort to expand our business operations worldwide. Our mission is to “bring patch culture to the world” .

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