Production Activities

We are manufacturing high-quality pharmaceutical products in our local community-based manufacturing plants equipped with modern facilities.

Quality Control in Production

We have been grappling with quality control strictly throughout all manufacturing processes, from the receipt of raw materials to shipping in conformity with GMP*standards regulated by the government. To maintain the product quality, the acceptance testing of raw materials is conducted in our laboratories to assure that the materials meet the requirements for manufacturing of medicinal products. Only the qualified materials are then used for manufacturing after storing under specified conditions. These raw materials are processed into medicinal products after several procedures and the conformity of the finished product to requirements for medicinal products is finally attested. Furthermore, the existence of undesirable deviation and/or alteration/deterioration might occur throughout the manufacturing processes as well as the conformity of the finished products to expected qualities, effectiveness, and safety are investigated prior to shipment in order to continuously supply medicinal products, which can be used by all customers without any worry. In addition, non-medical products are also manufactured under the same quality assurance systems as medicinal products, standing on the philosophy of compliance with GMP standards.

*GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice):
Standards for manufacturing and quality control of medicinal products and quasi-drugs.

*Interpretation of the GMP by Hisamitsu’s Production Division:
Practices that pharmaceutical manufacturers should take place in order to all customers can use medicinal products securely.

Production Sites in Japan

Tosu Factory

Tosu Factory

408 Tashirodaikan-machi, Tosu, Saga 841-0017,Japan

Manufacturing high-grade medicinal products by expanding and converting the original production facility located at the birthplace of Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co., inc.

Utsunomiya Factory

Utsunomiya Factory

23-8 Kiyohara Industrial Park, Utsunomiya,Tochigi 321-3231, Japan

Manufacturing plant equipped with the most advanced equipments located in the heart of nature's bounty.

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