Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Hisamitsu operates globally based on a worldwide network of sales channels. In every aspect, our goal is to ensure customer satisfaction.
Hisamitsu directs all its resources towards the collection and provision of information in order to develop superior products and convey their benefits to the consumer. We are proud of being a manufacturer that not only makes merchandise but also creates products, which bring joy and satisfaction to customers. It is our primary mission to meet customer satisfaction,and in that regard, we convey the benefits of “patch care” to penetrate customers.
Collecting feedback from the customer is the most important part of this process, in which we distribute samples at pharmacies to solicit firsthand opinions for contribution to our future product development. Also our continued in-house training program make us enhance our marketing and sales personnel’s academic knowledge, organize academic congresses, and provide precise information to medical institutions, pharmacies,and drugstores.

  • Muscle Pain Management
    Muscle Pain Management
  • Senior Simulator Program
    Senior Simulator Program
  • Sampling in the U.S.
    Sampling in the U.S.
  • Putrajaya International Dragon Boat Festival
    Putrajaya International Dragon
    Boat Festival
  • Business Review
    Business Review
  • Orthopedics Congress
    Orthopedics Congress
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