TDDS (Transdermal Drug Delivery System)

Hisamitsu’s TDDS technology attracts attention for cutting-edge drug development.

With our credo of “bringing relief to patients via transdermal patches” in mind, we are steadily endeavoring to research and develop TDDS products.

R&D focused on TDDS

We are working on R&D of various medicinal products to achieve well-being for people around the world. We focus especially on developing products based on the transdermal drug delivery system (TDDS), which deliver active ingredients into the body from the skin when they are applied. Our remarkable TDDS products are expected to be applied to a much wider therapeutic area. To improve patients’ quality of life (QOL), we pursue the possibility every day of applying TDDS to pharmaceutical substances that have been considered difficult to convert into TDDS products.

Mechanism of TDDS

Once a TDDS product is applied, the active pharmaceutical ingredients permeate the skin. They then pass through the stratum corneum, go into the epidermis, penetrate into the dermis, and finally are absorbed into peripheral capillary vessels to be distributed into the rest of the body.

Release from the base material of the patch - Diffusion to the stratum corneum - Diffusion to the epidermis - Diffusion to the dermis - Migration to the capillary vessels - Migration to the affected area

Although some pharmaceutical substances diffuse via skin appendages such as hair follicles and sweat glands, the ratio of such diffusion for most pharmaceutical substances is considered very low.

Advantages of TDDS

  • ・It can maintain an adequate concentration in the blood for a long time.
  • ・It can avoid the first-pass effect in the liver.
  • ・It can reduce systemic adverse reactions such as gastrointestinal tract disorders.
  • ・It can be applied to infants, elderly people, and patients suffering from dysphagia.
  • ・It can be discontinued easily by peeling off the patch if adverse reactions occur.

TDDS technologies to improve QOL

1.DermaLight® Technology

This technology ensures complete adherence during application and causes less pain when peeled off. Skin irritation can be minimized even in continuous use in the same position.
DermaLight Technology® is used in Mohrus®.

2.TransDermaSal® Technology

This technology enables highly water-soluble pharmaceutical substances, such as sodium salts and hydrochloride salts that are often administrated orally or by injection, to be contained in non-aqueous base materials (adhesive materials of tape preparations). With this technology, the pharmaceutical substances that could not previously be turned into TDDS products can be administered through the skin.
TransDermaSal technology® is used in Fentos® tape.*

*Fentos® tape is a narcotic tape product for medical use, launched in June 2010. It is best used once a day and expected to steadily reduce cancer pain.

3.High-water-content patch Technology (Gel-Patch Technology)

This technology controls the amount of water in the product, enhancing patches’ compatibility/affinity with the skin as well as reducing skin irritation when patches are peeled off.
This technology is used in MOHRUS®, SALONSIP®, and Lifecella®.

Lifecella® hydro-gel cosmetics

Lifecella® hydro-gel cosmetics

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