SALONSIP® Heat Pad [IronHeatPatch]

For external use.

SALONSIP® Heat Pad[IronHeatPatch]

SALONSIP® Heat Pad[IronHeatPatch]

Warming Effect:
■Improves blood circulation
■Relieves muscle fatigue, stiff muscles, dysmenorrhealand muscle pains

■Do not use for longer than 6 hours continuously.
■Do not use when going to bed.
■Do not apply strong pressure with a belt by lying, sitting, etc.
■Do not use when attempting to conserve heat under quilt or blanket.
■Stop use immediately if it feels too hot or otherwise abnormal. Peel this product off slowly to avoid skin exfoliation
 caused by low-temperature burns.
■Be especially careful concerning low-temperature burns when using on an insensitive part of the body such as
 the buttocks.

Do not use the following person:

■person who have a feverish inflammation in affected areas such as bruises or sprains,
■person who are not able to remove the product by oneself
■person who have impaired blood circulation in the hands or feet,
■person who have diabetes

Do not use the following sites:
■mucous membranes
■wounds, rashes, damaged skin
■the face
■areas where topical medication has been applied
Consult with a doctor or pharmacist before using.
If you have ever experienced an allergic reaction to products for external use such as drugs or cosmetics.

■When using this product use only as directed
■Do not use when going to bed since low-temperature burn may occur
■Do not apply to the same place continuously if you have sensitive skin
■Do not cut, massage, forcibly bend or tear this product
■If the contents should come into direct contact with the skin , wipe it off with a damp towel or wash it off.
■Do not moisten with water.
■Do not eat or lick this product.
Cautions for and after Using
■Stop use and consult with a doctor or pharmacist if rash, itching, redness, or excessive skin irritation occurs.
■Stop use and consult with a doctor if low-temperature burn or rashes occurby applying for long hours at the
 same place
■Do not use when attempting to conserve heat under a quilt or blanket since this product increases in temperature
■Stop use if it feels too hot or otherwise abnormal
■Remove this product slowly because the skin may peel off in rare case
■Remove this product while in the bath.

Storage and Cautions of Handling:
■Open the outer bag immediately before using, because the product starts to produce heat immediately after opening
■Make sure the product is completely cool after using, and dispose it as noncombustible rubbish Store at room
 temperature. Avoid direct sunlight.

Keep out reach of children. If swallowed, get medical help or contact a doctor right away.

Note: Uses, Warnings and Directions may be varied due to the different regulation and instruction of the governmental authorities in countries of sales. Please read package label/insert carefully before use.

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