2018.11.28PDF( 94KB)
Notification of listing on the NHI drug price standard and marketing of a new dose "0.5 mg" of 'Fentos® Tape (Development code: HFT-290)' ,Transdermal, Pain management patch
2018.11.09PDF( 17KB)
Notification of approval for manufacturing and marketing approval of OABLOK®PATCH in Taiwan (Transdermal, Overactive bladder treatment patch)
2018.10.22PDF( 61KB)
Notification of the commencement of the Phase II clinical study of HP-5070 in Japan (a transdermal drug for the treatment of primary local hyperhidrosis)
FY02/2019 Q2 Results Earnings Release Presentation
2018.09.28PDF( 62KB)
Notification of application for manufacturing and marketing approval of HP-3000 (Transdermal, Parkinson's disease treatment patch) in Japan