Corporate Social Responsibility2017

Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical’s CSR

Corporate Philosophy and csr Mission

Since the launch of ASAHI MANKINKO® in 1903 as a medicine applied as a “patch” to relieve pain and stiffness, the transdermal pain relief patches best known as Salonpas® have been appreciated by many customers.
We have concentrated on creating improving of products, and improving manufacturing technologies for medicinal patch products based on our world-renowned transdermal drug delivery systems (TDDS), with the term Salonpathy® to embody our wish to “introduce the benefits of Patch treatment” and “convey the impressive and reassuring relief patch treatment brings” to even more customers.
We will continue to develop business based on our corporate philosophy of “Delivering a Better QOL to the World” with our mission to “Promoting Patch Treatment Culture Worldwide.

CSR Approach

Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical’s business activities are supported by many people around the world, including customers, citizens of local communities, shareholders and investors, and employees. Earning and maintaining the trust of all of these groups of people is the foundation upon which we are able to achieve our csr mission and sustained growth. We also believe that preserving the natural environment and maintaining the ecosystem services that are available from the preserved environment are key to us continuing to conduct our business activities.
To develop a more affluent society and preserve the global environment, we will respect our diverse stakeholders in Japan and around the world while conducting activities in good faith for the responsibilities entrusted to us and our contribution to society.

*Ecosystem services:Raw materials and food provided from the ecosystem,flood regulation function, and recreation function, etc.

* Intangible assets:The belief that corporate value resides in the trust placed in our corporate approach and our
actions based on this approach, and that if we continue to practice strong ethical values in our activities, we will be able to gain a great deal of support and trust.


Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical has responsibilities as a corporate citizen as well as substantial social responsibilities as an organization engaged in the pharmaceutical world.
Our involvement with healthcare providers and regulatory authorities overseeing the pharmaceutical industry is not simply based on communication, but gives rise to special considerations and responsibilities. The customers who use our products and services are consumers and patients, whom we must establish beneficial relations and exercise abundant consideration to earn their trust. We also have social responsibilities as a corporate citizen to the local communities that create the foundations of wider society, to the international community, and to the natural environment.
At Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical, we recognize these relationships and responsibilities and will contribute to peace of mind and safety in the people's life around the world through provision of pharmaceuticals that can be reliably used by our customers.

Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical stakeholders


Relationships with our diverse stakeholders

お客さま Customers who use our products and services are not only consumers but also patients, and we must establish beneficial relations and exercise abundant consideration to earn their trust.
お取引先 Stable procurement of raw materials in and out of Japan, and maintaining high-quality storage are essential in pharmaceutical manufacturing. We build trustworthy relations with our business partners so that we can meet the diverse demands of society, including those for environmental considerations and worker management in production settings.
従業員 Employees are important stakeholders. We must conduct our business activities while mobilizing diverse talent with a wide range of skills and roles. To do this, we must conduct management that takes into consideration employment-related issues, education and awareness-raising, welfare and benefits, and employees’ livelihood.
株主・投資家 We are listed on the stock exchange in Japan and have many relations with shareholders and investors. We set forth our minimum obligations as appropriate distribution of profits and transparent management activities, and intend to gain understanding for our management and business activities through the appropriate and timely disclosure of information.
地域社会 We conduct business activities at many locations in Japan and around the world. We must maintain favorable relations with the citizens of the local communities in which we do business and proactively conduct initiatives aimed at developing those communities as one of their members.
環境 The existence of all stakeholders is predicated upon the global environment. Considering the global environment including aspects such as living environments, resources, and energy is our minimum responsibility and is also our responsibility to future societies. It is essential that we protect the global environment, which in turn protects diverse ecosystems, and when necessary, also work to restore the global environment.