Corporate Social Responsibility2018

Message from the Chairman and President

  • NAKATOMI, Hirotaka

    Chairman and CEO

    NAKATOMI, Hirotaka

  • NAKATOMI, Kazuhide

    President and COO

    NAKATOMI, Kazuhide

Toward Achieving Genuine Sustainability

Since its founding in 1847, Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co., Inc. has stayed committed to continuing fruitful relationships with its supporting stakeholders. This involves working together on various social issues with our basic principle of “Delivering a Better QOL to the World” and with our mission of “Promoting Patch Treatment Culture Worldwide,” which has been very well received.
Throughout our global development, we always keep in mind a word very near to our hearts: “treatment.” Extending a hand to loved ones, healing with compassion, and having consideration for others are all at the core of our patches. We realize that it is our corporate responsibility to work toward a more sustainable society in an ever-changing world with global issues such as climate change and growing social disparity, and we plan to do our part with a “patch” on some of the problems at hand.
We have always sought to listen to the opinions of our customers and other stakeholders, so as to provide them with optimal products, services and business management solutions. This is typified by our determination in the face of various social issues, whereby we begin by asking ourselves what is at the root of each problem, as this fundamental question further entrenches an attitude of listening to opinions. We contribute to a sustainable society by not obsessing over superficial events but, instead, strive to read the unsaid, between-thelines nuances.

Progress of the Medium-Term Management Policy

In our Sixth Medium-term Management Policy for FY2017–2021, we started promoting our Environment Social Governance (ESG) strategy and reviewed all aspects of our enterprise. Establishing a comprehensive system for its promotion will take some time, but results have been forthcoming in some areas such as better compliance concerning human rights issues, including abiding by the UK’s Modern Slavery Act.
In 2017, we also established new companies in China, in Suzhou and in Hong Kong, as we continue to advance toward realizing our corporate mission. Their cultures and institutions differ from those in Japan, and in order to promote our enterprise in harmony with this diversity, we felt the need for a considerable review of our ESG strategy.

Making the Environment and Society Count

Concerning the environment, we are aware that the world has come a long way since the Paris Agreement. In line with these social developments, Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical is also taking a more active approach. In addition to complying with the related laws and regulations in each country, we have determined that a steady approach is the way forward along with a long-term outlook, which not only involves our company, but focuses on the whole value chain.
As for society, there are many things to consider, such as what approach to take to best raise the QOL of every individual patient and customer, policies for training employees, human rights, and how to effectively raise public awareness of important problems.
In March 2018, we determined our group’s human rights policy, and it clarifies how we will move forward. In terms of human resource development, various measures have also been put into place to improve the proportion of women in managerial posts and paid leave utilization rates.
In adherence to our basic principle of “Delivering a Better QOL to the World,” we also support the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics as an official partner (external pain relief products).
We hope that our Olympic partner activities will provide momentum to our efforts to introduce this generation of people around the world to the joy and ease, the sheer comfort only possible through treatment with patches, and to make a difference as a company toward a healthier future.
Moreover, as the international community works together toward the UN-advocated Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we do our part in realizing these initiatives and moving forward toward a sustainable society.