Corporate Social Responsibility2020


  • Hirotaka Nakatomi

    President & CEO

    NAKATOMI, Kazuhide

Together with a New Social Vision

As of 2020, the world and society have entered the era of major change. Since our establishment in 1847, Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical has been working toward the realization of our corporate mission, “Promoting Patch Treatment Culture Worldwide” under the corporate philosophy of “Delivering a Better QOL to the World.” I feel that we are now being tested extensively by society in terms of what we can do and what we should do.

We as a corporate group and each of us think beyond the box, incorporate new perspectives, and take action --- this represents the “Distinctive Identities of Hisamitsu.”

Action toward establishing a sustainable society is a major theme to be tackled in a post-coronavirus-infectious-disease (COVID-19) world. What is required is not to return to the pre-COVID-19 environment but to realize a new life environment based on the lessons learned from the pandemic. To that end, we will marshal all the forces of the Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Group.

There are not a few issues that we must work on, such as providing products and services that enable many people to feel “richness of mind” and “happiness,” improving the environment for employees, and building stronger relationships from an ESG perspective in the supply chain. It is important to move forward together with stakeholders while establishing even better partnerships.

Opportunity to Promote ESG Measures

We are now provided a big opportunity to promote ESG measures.
The important environmental issue of climate change is considered to be not only as a factor causing more devastating climate disasters but also as a hotbed of new infectious diseases.
In light of the alleviation of such an extensive range of impact, the importance of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) is just continuing to increase.

At Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical, we have joined the Kiyohara Industrial Park Smart Energy Project from the perspective of reducing environmental impact by conserving energy at our Utsunomiya Factory. Since December 2019, full-scale energy supply has been available. This effort, realized through extensive partnership involving even local governments, has great significance for GHG reduction in the future.

Waste reduction is also an important issue for Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical, which delivers safe and secure products to customers. We will continue to consider a wide variety of issues, such as how to handle waste and tackle marine plastic pollution, not only from the viewpoint of a manufacturer with responsibility but also together with customers from their perspectives, and we will implement measures that will contribute to a substantial solution. While reinforcing cooperation with related stakeholders, we will review all, including distribution, packaging, and pharmaceutical preparation specifications.

On the social side, there are many aspects to consider, such as quality and safety, human rights, employment, and relationships with local communities. As for these aspects, we feel that we need to review our efforts with our eyes on the future and from the viewpoint of back casting.
In the circumstance where stagnation in economic activities is found throughout the world and people’s living environment is changing, we will demonstrate the “Distinctive Identities of Hisamitsu” and proceed with various activities.

From the perspective of diversity and inclusion, in addition to accomplish an employment environment incorporating diversity, and support civic activities through "Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Hot Heart Club," we will continue to sincerely work on problems confronted by communities in each countries where Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Group operates.

As for the “Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)” advocated by the United Nations, there are 10 years left before the target year of 2030. We would like to make this decade a significant one and contribute to a steady achievement.

Cooperation for Realizing the “Distinctive Identity of Hisamitsu”

Our CSR report is a tool for communication in the evolution of our activities while evaluating the CSR activities of the Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Group with our stakeholders.

Through this report, we will promote interaction with all our stakeholders and constantly improve the efforts made at the Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Group.

We think that we cannot realize the “Distinctive Identity of Hisamitsu” by generating self-righteous ideas in-house only. The year 2020 is a new chapter for Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical in terms of management and other aspects. We believe that we can realize truly “Distinctive Features of Hisamitsu” by receiving advice and expectations from you all.

In conclusion, we would like to express our sympathy to those forced to handle a wide variety of difficulties due to the COVID-19 infectious disease and our renewed respect to medical workers for their dedicated commitment.