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Terms and Conditions of Website Use

This website is owned and managed by Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co., Inc. (hereafter referred to as "Hisamitsu"). A user who accesses and uses the website (hereafter referred to as "the user") is construed as agreeing to the following provisions when the accessing and using the website.

1.Intellectual Property

The content of the website is protected by copyright laws and other applicable laws and regulations. It is prohibited to alter, reproduce, or use the content without Hisamitsu's prior consent, except for reproduction for personal use or otherwise legally accepted cases. The trademarks, trade names, designs, and other intellectual property on the website (hereafter collectively referred to as "the intellectual property") are protected by trademark law, the design law, and other applicable laws and regulations. It is prohibited to use the intellectual property without Hisamitsu's prior consent.

2.Information on the Website

The website is intended to provide general information on Hisamitsu and its products and therapeutic modalities, etc. It is not designed to provide instructions or any other information on a specific product or to describe the medical care provided by a specific doctor or a medical institution. The information provided on pages for therapeutic modalities or the like has nothing to do with Hisamitsu and its products. Hisamitsu guarantees nothing about the accuracy and efficacy of any therapeutic modality or the like. The website offers no advice that ought to be given by doctors, pharmacists, or other medical personnel. No information given on the website is intended to be a substitute for advice that should be given by doctors, pharmacists, or other medical personnel.

3.Target Recipient of Information

The information given on the website is intended for use only by those who are residents in Japan.

4.Exemption from Liability

Hisamitsu pays sufficient attention to ensure that the latest accurate information is provided on the website, but guarantees nothing about relevant accuracy and efficacy. The user should use the website at his/her own risk. Hisamitsu takes no responsibility for any damage or loss resulting directly or indirectly from accessing or using the website or from relying on any information given on the website.

5.Attention about Link

Hisamitsu takes no responsibility for the contents of the website of third parties linked to their website.If you would like a link to this website, please contact Hisamitsu by using the “Contact Form”.

6.Information released through Social Media

Information provided through Hisamitsu’s social media official accounts and its employees’ social media accounts does not necessarily reflect Hisamitsu's official announcements and statements. For official information, please refer to Hisamitsu’s website, news releases and press materials.Information posted on official social media was believed to be accurate at the time it was posted. Changes might be added to the content at a later date.

Hisamitsu’s Social Media Official Accounts(as of March 1st, 2021)
・Twitter @salonpas518 
・Twitter @airsalonpas_jp 
・Facebook @salonpas.jp 
・YouTube Salonpas 
・LINE @hisamitsu 
・LINE @ikiikionline 

7.Handling of Non-Private Information

Except for the private information, none of the information and material (e.g., know-how,concepts,ideas, data, and opinions) that have been provided to Hisamitsu by the user using e-mail or any other means shall be handled as confidential or as involving the user's rights. All of the supplied information and material shall be possessed by Hisamitsu. Hisamitsu may use the supplied information and material for its business within the range permitted by the applicable laws and regulations. Hisamitsu may also freely use any idea, know-how, concept, or the like included in such information and material for the purpose of development, manufacture, or sales of a product or the like.

8.Updates of the Website

The information given on the website is subject to addition or change without notice.

9.Prohibition of Illegal Access

Any alteration, destruction, or deletion of the content of the website, or act to send any illegal information or program constitutes violations of the criminal law, the law for prevention against unauthorized access, and other applicable laws and regulations. Such violations could result in criminal punishment.

10.Contact Information

For any questions about this website and "Terms and Conditions of Website Use," please contact:

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11.Governing Law

This website’s “Terms and Conditions of Website Use” conforms to the laws of Japan.

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