News Release

2023.09.20 Research and Development
Notification regarding Skin Care Cosmetics with Microneedle Technology
2023.09.19 Research and Development
Notification of the commencement of the Phase II clinical study of HP-6050 in Japan (a transdermal formulation for sedation)
2023.09.04 lR Information
Notice Regarding Status of Acquisition of Treasury Shares
2023.08.28 Other
Products to solve issues for living in Space and living on Earth “Odorleship®” Notification to be used in the International Space Station
2023.08.03 lR Information
Notice Regarding Status of Acquisition of Treasury Shares
2023.07.31 Other
Notice regarding Determination of Details of Issuance of Stock Compensation-Type Share Options (Stock Acquisition Rights)
2023.07.27 Other
Notice regarding Providing Relief Supplies in Response to the Torrential Rains from July 7, 2023
2023.07.13 lR Information
Notice Regarding Company Split (Simplified Absorption-Type Split) with Hisamitsu Wellness Co., Ltd.
2023.07.13 lR Information
Notice regarding Issuance of Stock Compensation-Type Share Options(Stock Acquisition Rights)
2023.07.13 lR Information
Notification Regarding Concerning the Decision of Matters Relating to Acquisition of Company’s Own Shares
2023.07.13 lR Information
Conclusion of a contract with SSP Co., Ltd. for the partial transfer of assets, related to S-Cup and Lacalut
2023.07.13 lR Information
FY02/2024 Q1 Results Earnings Release Presentation
2023.06.14 Other
“MOHRUS® TAPE 20mg,” “MOHRUS® TAPE L 40mg”Announcement of our wining 47th Kinoshita Prize for “Packaging Technology”
2023.05.24 Ethical Drugs
APOHIDE® Lotion 20%, a Primary Palmar Hyperhidrosis Treatment Drug, Is Now Available for Sale
2023.05.18 Other
Salonpas® Named the World’s No. 1 OTC Topical Analgesic Patch Brand for the Seventh Consecutive Year
2023.04.13 Management and Personnel
Executive Appointments
2023.04.13 lR Information
FY02/2023 Q4 Results Earnings Release Presentation
2023.03.30 lR Information
Notice regarding Revision of Earnings Forecast
2023.03.27 Ethical Drugs
Notification of approval for manufacturing and marketing approval of APOHIDE® Lotion 20% in Japan(Primary palmar hyperhidrosis treatment drug, development code: HP-5070)
2023.03.20 Other
Establishment of a new R&D center inside Shonan iPark
2023.03.14 Other
JLPGA Step Up Tour Notice of the New Salonpas Ladies’Open to Be Held
2023.02.22 Other
Notice regarding Support for the Earthquake in Turkey and Syria
2023.02.13 lR Information
Notice regarding Results and Completion of Acquisition of Treasury Shares
2023.01.12 lR Information
FY02/2023 Q3 Results Earnings Release Presentation
2023.01.10 Other
Notice regarding The Decision to Contribute to Supporting Organizations in FY 2022 through Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co., Inc. Hot Heart Club